Chillicothe Piggly Wiggly
Piggly Wiggly Floral & Gifts offers a variety of gifts and floral arrangements for every occasion!  Visit the Chillicothe Floral!
Piggly Wiggly Bakery offers custom cake design for any special occasion! 
Piggly Wiggly Deli offers Champ's Chicken and a full deli menu with daily specials. We offer catering for all occasions!  Contact us to help with your special event!   
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Our Meat Department is the "Best in the Area" with meat professionals on duty 7 days a week to custom cut your steaks or help with preparation advice.
We pride ourselves on offering fresh produce, including seasonal favorites at low prices everyday.  We often offer produce that is locally grown to ensure freshness and help local economy.
Our fully stocked Dairy Department is sure to please!  Notice the blue signs?  They are our "Pig's Price," offering our customers even greater savings on hundreds of items throughout the store.
Our recently expanded Beverage Department is sure to quench your thirst.  Come in and check out our weekly beer and wine specials!
A large assortment of new release and category movies available for daily rental.  Plan your weekly "Family Film Night" with a new release from Piggly Wiggly. 
Our expansive Frozen Food Department provides our customers with everything they need, including quick meal ideas.

Tony Clark, manager of Piggly Wiggly in Chillicothe loads donated water on a flatbed truck for Public Water Supply Districts 1 and 3. According to Fire Chief Darrell Wright, Pepsi in Chillicothe and Coca Cola from Trenton also provided water for today and tommorrow. Wright said that they were trying to stay one day ahead for those needing drinking water and they have supplies lined up until Monday. The Livingston County Commission has been keeping water supply lines up and CFD is distributing it.

Constitution-Tribune Photo by Amanda McKay
Piggly Wiggly Helps Out the Community with Donated Water
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We double coupons everyday!

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TLC's Extreme Couponing
                                   An episode of Extreme Couponing was filmed at the Chillicothe         Piggly Wiggly.  Check out a short teaser clip on Broderick and his family who did their shopping at the Chillicothe Piggly Wiggly!
Video Clip

Thanks for all the kind comments about the airing of EXTREME COUPONING last night.  Now that it has aired, we can go into some details of how Broderick, "The Coupon Kid" was able to complete his extreme shopping experience.

We strictly adhered to our coupon policy during the filming of this episode, that was very important to us!  Our coupon policy states that no more than 10 coupons may be doubled per day, Broderick actually only doubled 4 coupons.  His big savings came from his use of BIC razor coupons.

He redeemed over 200 BIC coupons for $3.00 each, that stated it was "good for any BIC razor".  The razors only cost $1.59 each, so he had money overage that could be used on other products, like the milk, apples, and Dr Pepper he purchased.  We do not give money back on coupons, but allow it to be used on the shopping order, as long as the manufacturers instructions are followed to their intent.

He also had a large savings on Bayer aspirin coupons of $3.00 off any Bayer Aspirin product 20ct or larger.  Those instructions said we were to act as the "agent" for the manufacturer, therefore we did not allow cash back on the product, but allowed him to use all $3.00 towards 2-$1.59 bayer products of over 20 ct Aspirin.  Again we followed the manufacturers rules to their intended purpose.  He also had a large savings on Heinz White Vinegar, as witnessed when he dropped and broke one. :-)

In conclusion, he worked hard and calculated intensely to manage an extreme shopping experience that netted him almost $1000.00 in groceries for less than $10.00.  WOW!

It was a fun experience, and we were glad to be a part of the show. 
Please do not hesitate to stop by the store and ask questions if you
have any!  See you at the Pig!